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Mastermind Call

Join us monthly for our mastermind group call. We will dive deep into your connection goals and work to find paths forward within the group. We will also share best practices & challenges to make sure we are all reaching out desired future state.

Member Spotlight

We will create a member spotlight for you inside of our community portal to make sure that all of our community members know who you are, what you offer, and how they can add value to what you are doing. Great way for the members to know who you are.

Podcast Interview

I will host you on my Expert Interview podcast. We will then post the podcast to YouTube, Podcast Platforms, and the website. We will also send you highlight videos you can use for marketing. Lastly, we will market your podcast to our database & social networks.

Social Promotion

We will leverage the podcast interview to create a series of social posts promoting you and your business. We will also look for additional opportunities to share your wins & promotions with our communities.

Database Promotion

We will promote you and your business to our database. We will align with you on what the best promotion will be for your business and customize an outreach strategy that will help you hit your goals.

Active Connections

If you are looking to grow your network this is the place to be! Not only will the other Mastermind Members be looking for ways to connect, Devin will actively be looking for ways to make impactful connections for you.

Devin has made too many connections for me to count over the last decade. He is always introducing me to individuals or businesses that have a lasting value to my network! Anytime I am looking for a specific connection, he is who I reach out to first. 

Keenan Polan, Barracuda Championship

I have been working with Devin for a few years. He has connected us with strategic partners, resources and a lot of potential clients. I am always excited to see a connection email come in from Devin as I know there is value in meeting whomever he connects me with

Bryan McNutt, Maslow Creative

Devin helped me change my whole philosophy to sales. I stopped focusing on myself and started focusing on others. I expanded who I was meeting with. The result is I am now a resource for those around me. In addition, I have been able to put together some unique deals that wouldn’t have existed had I not taken meetings that may not have been a fit at first

Colt Vines, Stitser Properties

What do you need to be successful?

You need to be considered the “best” at what you do.

An “others focused” mentality. We will teach you the value of always adding value to those around and the infinite impact it will have.

Willingness to think bigger when it comes to who you connect with. You never know who someone knows. Stop limiting your potential by not taking the meetings. Instead, learn how to find value in any meeting.

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A little about me…

I’m Devin. I am passionate about all things business and my main goal in life has always been to positively impact those around me. Throughout my professional journey I have learned that I can apply this passion to every meeting and create a ripple of impact!

Right out of college I launched MarkUBiz, an online marketing agency. I used all the tools we teach in order to grow our brand and generate leads. However, I discovered that sales is often overcomplicated and the focus is on the wrong things. I starting “controlling what I could control” and ended up creating the foundation of the Connect Your Way To Success System.

For the last decade I have refined this system to generate millions of dollars in sales for myself and tens of millions of dollars in sales for my clients.

What I love about what I do now is that I get to make hundreds of connections each year that generate millions of dollars in value to those being connected. It is always exciting to hear the stories of where an introduction leads!

Outside of my professional life I am probably traveling and spending time with my other half and three kiddos. When I am not with the family you may find me on golf course.

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A Mastermind Focused On Connections

Imagine being in a group with best-in-class service providers that are all focused on having a positive impact on others, generating more connections, and building large networks.

This is exactly what the Connect Your Way To Success Mastermind is!

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I would love to learn about you and explore how we can work together and/or open doors for each other.

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