Are you busy building your business? If so, this might be the program for you. Our team will dedicate time monthly to work proactively on behalf of your company. We will actively look for prospective clients, strategic partners, aligned vendors, and other connections that will be beneficial. We will then send warm email introductions to you as we identify connections.

This program includes:

  • 2-hour strategy session in the first month
  • Cold calling & other cold outreach strategies
  • Leveraging your database & active clients for referrals & leads
  • Actively networking on your behalf
  • Active mining & marketing to our database
  • Shared contact list unique for your business (you keep this contact list)
  • Video Testimonial Amplified Program w/ 5 videos

Overall, I am getting about an 80% response and meetings booked with all the introductions you have sent over. 50% of them will respond first after the initial intro. And I am able to set up meetings right away. About 30% will respond a few days later after the initial intro, but only when I do a follow-up with them first and get them to set up a meeting afterwards. I think it’s going great!!

For next week I have a total of 9 introduction/networking meetings that are direct connections of Your Referral Partner.

Vicky Caluya, Bin Wash Express

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