Jeremy LaPointe

Jeremy LaPointe has worked with Devin and YOUR Referral Partner since early 2022. After studying Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of South Carolina’s Honors College, Jeremy turned away from academia and moved into the world of sales. He moved to Reno in Summer of 2021 to begin a career in financial services, but wanted to bring extra benefit to his network by becoming a referral source. Jeremy now works as a Connector for the company, and seeks to meet individuals and business owners to bring them value through the Reno network.

Jeremy has been very involved in community activities throughout his life- such as playing Club sports, mentoring peers, leading organizations, and volunteering for university programs. By the end of his undergraduate career he had been awarded the Goldwater Scholarship for his work in STEM research and collegiate involvement. In Reno, he is a member of the Association of General Contractor’s youth committee and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Young Professionals Committee. You can find him at most networking events- and he is always appreciative of an invite to the groups he does not know! Jeremy looks forward to meeting with anyone from any industry.

Jeremy has always enjoyed the outdoors and an active lifestyle- a large reason for his move to Reno. He was a whitewater kayaker through his teenage years and spent 6 years as a whitewater raft guide/trainer. Jeremy is always eager to hike, camp, ski, or participate in any sort of activity. He has a background in soccer and enjoys pickup for any sport… but is still working on his golf game.